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Organic Rooftop Vegetable Garden

What is organic rooftop vegetable Gardening?

Organic roof top vegetable garden is a garden on the rooftop of a building/house to develop pure organic vegetables. Beside the decorative benefits,
roof planting facilitates the growth of organic foods, temperature control of the house and other hydrological benefits. It also provides architectural enhancement, habitats, recreational, opportunities and may ecological benefits.

Organic roof top vegetable garden of two units (size 10’ x 4’) will be capable of producing sufficient vegetables for a family of four members round the year.
Each vegetable garden is meant to accommodate vegetable crops like beans, cowpea, cucumber, tomato, chilli, pea, cauliflower, cabbage, brinjal, radish, pumpkin, garlic, muskmelon, watermelon, okra, onion, bottle guard, sponge guard, ridge guard, bitter guard, carrot, beetroot, potato, coriander, spinach, broccoli, lettuce and many important vegetables.

What we do?

We can work with you to design organic rooftop vegetable garden that’s fits with your space, goals, and budget.
A rooftop garden can take many forms. The steps are as follows
• Site visit: This is the first step is to schedule an initial garden consultation with our team to determine the ideal location, size and structure of your garden.
• Preference: After site measurement is done, we note down the eating habits and the preferences of the clients.
• Project Report: Our team of experienced professionals works on the project to create an organic rooftop vegetable garden that works with your landscape with maximum productivity.
• Estimates: A realistic and cost effective budgets are provided to clients.
• Installation: The day, date and time shall be scheduled is as per the clients choice.

Why Green world?

We are a team of dynamic, enthusiastic and educated professionals.
The following services offered by are @ Rs. 500-700 per month
• Weekly visits reports.
• Personalized attention to the entire client.
• Replacement of dead plants.
• Guidance for harvesting and watering.
• Spraying of bio-pesticides.
• Replacement/Repair of drippers valves and motors.
• Any dead plant shall be replaced by the maintenance team during their weekly visits.
• Providing seeds for next season.
• Our soil less medium consists of kitchen waste and vermicompost which facilities the plant growth in a very cost effective manner.
• Pest and disease of the plants are controlled significantly by our pesticides which are organic, non toxic and environmental friendly.
• Provision for drip irrigation as per the requirement of the clients.
• Basic and Fully automation facilities at a very competitive price.

Benefits of organic rooftop vegetable gardening

Importance benefits of organic rooftop vegetable gardening are as follows:
• Utilization of free space of the roof.
• Production of healthy vegetables.
• Increase vegetable production of fresh vegetables.
• Increase the saving of the family.
• Utilization of kitchen waste.
• Exercises value/preventing obesity by climbing up to the roof regularly.
• For inner city children, the opportunity to breath cleaner air.
• Pleasure.
• Development of self-confidence and well-being.
• Engagement with natural environment and natural elements and provide green space.
• Expand roof life 2-3 times (up to 60 years).
• Reduction of environmental pollution like:- Noise, Carbon- monoxide impact.
• All other gardening & food growing benefits.

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