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Green World Foundation is run by a group of Educated, Professionals who are very dedicated to bring change in Agriculture and other sector...


Who We Are

Our Origin…

Green World Foundation was created in 2018 by two young professionals, Dr. Seema Saini and Indraraj Jat, who were convinced that even the Agriculture condition in which used excess chemical which is decreasing the human heath continuously of India can be solved by promoting the organic farming. They believed that well-educated professionals working within communities can bring both the empathy and knowledge needed to help poor farmers improve their lives.


Dr. Seema and Indraraj also believed that grassroots work in the spirit of Green World Foundation, or giving back to society, can be a fulfilling and viable vocation for educated men and women. They created Professional Assistance for Development Action (Green World Foundation), to systematically groom and enable professionals with empathy towards the poor to work at the grassroots level.

In 2018 Green World Foundation began working with the Farmers and over the years we have played a major role in developing such programs as Plantation, Organic Farming, and the Market Linkage. We continue to work for change that is sustainable and self-perpetuating, bringing skills and systems that help women, families and communities gain confidence and take charge of their own lives.


Dr. Seema Saini

"I think it is very worrying for a nation when their elite lose touch with the farmers. Green world Foundation provides a way to bridge this disconnect.”

An alumnus of SKRAU,Bikaner(Raj.) and HNBGU,Sri Nagar(UK), Dr. Seema is feeled farmers problem and worries when she meet some farmers at jaipur district in since 2017. She meet indra Raj after completed his M.Sc.and decided to work with farmers because both are understand farmers feeling and want’s to improve environment. When Dr. Seema meet Indra Raj in 2018 an Idea of Green World Foundation evolved in less than hou .

“I wanted to change the Present condition of Indian farmer.”


Indra Raj

From the beginning IndraRaj worked with farmers and assured them that organic farming would increase their income and health would be good and they would be better future.

Since the very beginning, Indra Raj has strongly believed that the ‘best and the brightest’ were needed to work with the farmer society to help them discover their strength and Capacity.

Indraraj also Believe that Market linkage between farmers and customer(Buyers) are best way to improve farmers income. He is work with farmers and customers(buyers) for better Market of farmers produce.

Indra Raj completed his B.Sc.(Horticulture) in 2009 after than he is working with farmers in some MNC(Sab Miller India) companies and NGO(ISAP).Realize farmers problems and decide to develop organic farmer chain and provide him market.

"Green world foundation is a deeply held belief for me.”


Our Team

We work to strengthen the ability of the farmers to earn a decent living. We are organized into field-based teams of three-to-five young professionals, under the leadership of a mid-career team coordinator and the guidance of a team of integrators.

More than 20 young professionals are working in 80 villages of Rajasthan, They are recruited from universities and hold degrees in subjects like management, engineering, agriculture, and the social sciences. A majority of the 500 farmers families we work with belongs to farmers communities.


Our Board

Dr. Seema Saini


M. Sc. Horiculture

from HNBGU,Sri Nagar(UK), She Lives in Jaipur (Raj.)with her family

Ashwin Tiwari


from SKRAU Bikaner, He Lives in Chhitorgarh( Raj.)with his family.

Indra Raj



from MPUAT Udaipur, He Lives in Jaipur(Raj.)with his family.



B.tec. in Electronic Communication

from RTU Kota, He Lives in Jaipur (Raj.)with his family.


  • Aakash Raj
  • B.Tec.Electronic communication

  • Jitendra Singh Rathore
  • B.A.Rajasthan University

B.Sc.Biology from Rajasthan University

  • Bhagwati Saini
  • Ashok Kumar Meena
  • B.Tec.

  • Shyam Singh
  • Business

  • Prakhar Chhipa
  • B.Tec.Electronic

  • Hari Naryan Jat
  • B.A.Rajasthan
    University Business Man

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